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31 December 2037 @ 10:08 pm
i am rin, hear me squee.  

All icons get posted at joshou
If you're looking for graphics of any kind, please head there. ♥

want to add me > comment here & explain why > the friending most likely occurs

× I tend to fangirl extensively and obsessively
× I fangirl... lots of stuff, and most of it gets added to my fangirling repotoire quickly and randomly
× I either tend to post extremely sporadically or spam-your-flist-ly, and then randomly when I do >_> (but I will come and love you and comment on your own journal where, no doubt, there's much more interesting stuff going on)
× I love to ramble. And type. And type ramble.
× I like a good deal of stuff and am willing to talk about pretty much anything :D

Comments are screened now, just because I can :D

Also, um, if you friend me, please also comment here? Unless I've seen you around at places I frequent or have talked to you previously, I don't friend back without knowing you at all o_o